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Accroche Note/FontanaMIX


Only three years after the death of Bruno Maderna in 1973, Massimo Mila wrote a deep and acute essay on the Venetian composer, “Maderna musicista europeo”, an affectionate tribute to one of the most important protagonists of the musical vanguard of the postwar period. Referring to the serenades, a form of composition which represents the composer in a most peculiar and personal way, Mila writes:

“All that courageous optimism, the faith, that happiness that Maderna symbolized in the musical concept of the serenade, was based essentially on his pleasure in making music, on the sensual joy of sound, on the marvelous acoustic reality underlying musical creation. ... but a melancholic serenade. We should not expect an exhibition of Rossini’s good humour. Maderna’s serenades were, of course, the assertion of a refreshed faith in life after the mournful despair of Expressionism. But it’s clearly the joy of a castaway or, as Ungaretti would say, the joy that is capable to have a generation that has lived twenty years under a world which was being devastated and destroyed. This should not be forgotten.”

Therefore: Maderna/serenate.

A project - supported by the “Suona Francese Festival” and the “Comune di Bologna” - in which the cooperation between the Ensembles Accroche Note and FontanaMIX have highlighted the most authentic Madernian spirit: the joy in making music together, the never-ending curiosity about the different musical languages and the deep passion for the innovative instances of which tradition is made. As a result of this fruitful cooperation, the ensembles have played the premieres of four new compositions dedicated for this occasion to Bruno Maderna. The composers were Paolo Aralla, Igor Ballerau, Gilberto Cappelli and Marco Antonio Perez Ramirez. The concerts were held in Strasbourg (Cité de la Musique, Autumn 2013) and Bologna (Musica Insieme Contemporanea, Spring 2014).

This CD is the live registration of the concert held in the Oratorio San Filippo Neri in Bologna on 16th May 2014.




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Produced by a Simple Lunch

recorded by Giuseppe Lo Bue & Andrea Manca
mixed & mastered by Riccardo Nanni at 7_floor Groundzero

This CD is the live registration of concert held in the Oratorio San Filippo Neri in Bologna on 16th May 2014
This album is also produced with the generous support of some friends of a Simple Lunch

C) & (P) 2015 a Simple Lunch 14asl2015

Ensemble Accroche Note

Françoise Kubler: soprano
Ayako Okubo: flute

Armand Angster: clarinet
Thomas Gautier: violin
Grégoire Vallette: viola
Christophe Beau: violoncello
Anne Vonau-Spannagel: harp
Nina Maghsoodloo: piano
Sylvie Reynaert: percussion

FontanaMIX Ensemble

Lavinia Guillari: flute
Marco Ignoti: clarinet
Giovanni Hoffer: horn
Mario Mariotti: trumpet
Federico Lolli: percussion
Valentino Corvino: violin
Sebastiano Severi: violoncello
Emiliano Amadori: contrabass
Stefano Malferrari: piano
Walter Zanetti: electric guitar

Francesco La Licata : conductor


artwork di copertina Vanni Spazzoli
courtesy L'Ariete Artecontemporanea
design Valentina Nanni | W